Carpal Tunnel Treatment with Our Little Rock Chiropractor

If you were recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, finding a way to get relief from pain and discomfort is sure to be on your mind. Contact Dr. Courtney Carmack, DC, in Little Rock to help. Our chiropractor will devise a treatment plan to help your condition right away. Here is some information about carpal tunnel syndrome to read over before your first appointment so you better understand this condition.

What Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Is and What Symptoms Are Associated With It

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that is caused when a nerve inside of your arm has pressure placed upon it. This nerve, called the median nerve, runs through the entire length of your arm, through a tunnel-like chamber, and ends inside of your hand. If any pressure is present upon this nerve, the tunnel will constrict, usually because of swelling. This nerve controls finger movements, minus your pinky finger. If carpal tunnel syndrome occurs, you may experience a tingling sensation in your hand or it may become weak or numb.

Ways To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome From Occurring

Carpal tunnel syndrome often occurs when a repetitive motion of the hands is conducted. If you do tasks that require you to use the same motions over and over, such as on the job, it is best to take frequent breaks. Extend your fingers and then clench them together into a fist several times an hour to help keep blood flowing, helping to minimize the chance of pressure building up around the median nerve. In addition, consider using ergonomic tools to help keep your wrists lower than your hands when typing or doing a similar activity.

How Our Chiropractor Will Treat This Condition

While most doctors focus only on the area where the symptom is occurring, chiropractors assess the body as a whole. Because of this, Dr. Courtney Carmack will not only assess the joints of the upper extremity, but also the lower neck. The nerves that end up in the hands first come out of the spinal column in the lower neck. Any pressure from the neck to the wrists can cause the symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Misalignment of the vertebrae in the next is the most common cause missed by doctors in the medical community.

A thorough chiropractic examination will determine where the symptoms are coming from and hence the best individual treatment to get you well. Failing to get treatment can lead to the intensifying of symptoms. This condition can be remedied, but can also return again in the future. For this reason, it is best to see a chiropractor to obtain relief whenever symptoms are experienced. Your individual treatment may include chiropractic adjustments of the spine and/or extremities, stretching or strengthening exercises, trigger point therapy. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Courtney Carmack today!

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