Sports Injuries with our Little Rock Chiropractor

Sports are an ideal way to keep you active for the benefit it has on your health and happiness. However, if you suffer from a sports injury, it can not only affect your ability to resume sports but also your daily life. Our chiropractor, Dr. Courtney Carmack, offers Little Rock, AR and the surrounding area treatments to ease your pain and promote a solid recovery.

Common Sports Injuries

You may sustain an injury to your soft tissue, such as a sprain, strain, or tendinitis. A sprain is when you stretch or tear a ligament while a strain is when you stretch or tear a muscle or tendon. Although these injuries can happen (remove ‘to’) anywhere in the body, it’s common to experience them in your lower back. You may also experience tendinitis, a condition that occurs when your tendon becomes inflamed. Tendinitis can also occur anywhere in your body, but if you develop it in your elbow, it’s known as tennis elbow. You could develop bursitis, which is a condition that affects the bursa, a fluid-filled sac in your joints that reduces friction.

You might experience a runner’s knee, which doesn’t only happen to runners. You might notice you hear a popping or grinding noise when you move your knee. You may have a dull or aching pain behind or around your kneecap. You might only have pain when you walk, climb, squat, kneel, run, sit, or stand.

Common Therapies/Techniques for Sports Injuries

Our chiropractor may use Kinesio tape, a special type of tape applied to injured areas on your body. The tape pulls your skin away from the injured soft tissue. When you use the tape, it promotes blood flow to the affected area.

During an appointment after a sports injury, our chiropractor uses the active release technique, which is a form of manipulation where the chiropractor breaks up scar tissue to encourage blood flow and healing.

You may undergo exercise therapy, which consists of our chiropractor guiding you through exercises that go at a pace that’s comfortable for you. The exercises slowly work your muscles to improve flexion and function in that area slowly. The exercises improve your strength, so you can get back to living life as you did before your injury.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can help you heal more quickly through a natural approach by ensuring that the spine and extremities are in proper alignment. This will also allow the soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments to heal quicker. Chiropractic care is also beneficial in preventing injuries in the future by improving gait, balance, mobility, and strength.

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