Sciatica Treatment with Dr. Courtney Carmack, DC in Little Rock, AR

One of the most effective ways to manage or treat sciatica pain is to visit a chiropractor. When you visit Dr. Courtney Carmack, DC, you’ll be getting chiropractic care from a chiropractic team that is highly knowledgeable about dealing with sciatica pain.

What is Sciatica?

Your vertebrae (the bones in your spine) are cushioned with a series of discs which can become herniated due to overuse or injury. A herniated disc puts pressure on your nerves, and sometimes one of the nerves that are affected is your sciatic nerve. Your sciatic nerve starts in your lower back and runs along the back of the buttocks, thighs, lower legs and feet. It’s the longest nerve in your body and it can, therefore, spread pain throughout a large portion of your body. While herniated discs can be an acute cause of sciatic pain, sciatica can be caused by other spinal conditions. Other conditions that may cause sciatica include spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine), misalignment of the lumbar spine vertebra, tumors, and bone spurs to name a few. Pinching of the sciatic nerve often occurs due to age, being overweight, getting injured at work, or pregnancy.

Symptoms of Sciatica

Since the sciatic nerve runs through your lower back, buttocks, hips, legs, and feet, the pain can affect a large part of your body. Sciatica is often identified by a pain that radiates from your lower back through your hips, your back, or the side of your legs. It leads to tingling, numbness, and/or weakness in your legs or feet; the pain may be mild or severe.

How can a Chiropractor Treat and Help Manage Sciatica?

In many cases, our chiropractor Dr. Carmack can treat the cause of sciatica using chiropractic adjustments. If your sciatica is due to a chronic condition, she can also help relieve your pain on a regular basis. Chiropractic treatments that can relieve your sciatica pain include corrective exercises and massage therapy. These holistic treatments are great alternatives to drugs or surgery to address your pain.

Visit Little Rock Chiropractor Dr. Courtney, Carmack

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